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Protospace is 100% volunteer run and is a registered Alberta non-profit organization. We are a community of makers, artists, innovators, tinkerers, learners, teachers, and much more. If this sounds like your kind of thing, then consider supporting this store and joining our community.

Angelito de Jesus

Angelito de Jesus

Adventure and Landscape photographer, Mountaineer, Adventurer, Maker of unique artwork inspired by... 

Phantom Enterprises AB.

Phantom Enterprises AB.

┬áMakes game boards of wood as well as etched glassware. 

Meet the Artist and the Creators

At Protospace, we have software engineers, Interior designers, data scientists, non-profits, and others all working under the same roof. This leads to some really interesting conversations in the lounge area.

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  • Plains Edge Pottery

  • Josha H

  • Phantom Enterprises

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